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Celebrating Sharing Worshiping Celebrating Sharing Worshiping Celebrating Sharing Worshiping
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Mission (who we are):
"A welcoming family in Christ who serves by celebrating and sharing our many gifts"
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At Shepherd of the Valley you will find a warm, casual, welcoming atmosphere
that feels like home.
A family isn't perfect and neither are we, but we are bound together by God's love. And so we see one another as sisters and brothers in Christ.
Being in Christ sets us apart from any other social outreach organizaiton or social inreach club. Christ is at the heart of our identity.
Serving is the whole work of the Christian. But the word can be a little generic, so here are some more specific ways we serve here at SVLC...
Our celebrating can simply mean enjoying time together; we like to have fun at church and value good humor, song and food. Caring for ourselves is certainly a form of service. But celebrating also connotes worship, the celebration of Word and Sacrament, the gifts of the Spirit. We revel in the ways God showers us with grace. Worship is service.
Our time, talents and treasures--including the treasures of God's love and mercy made known to us in Jesus Christ--are not to be hoarded, and God has blesssed us with generous hearts and hands. At SVLC, we are reaching out to our church family and the world to joyously share our many gifts.
Vision statement (where we are going):
"Extending God's welcome to all we meet along the way"

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Extending calls to mind outstretched arms, reaching to gather in the lost, the lonely, the sick, the outcast. God's work, our outstretched hands and arms.
God's welcome is too great to even imagine, much less accomplish, but it gives us direction, and purpose nonetheless. We're not there yet, but it's still early.
Welcoming as God does requires sacrifice and challenges us; it is a holy venture.
All we meet along the way conjures up images of journey, adventure, even risk.
* These statements were adopted unanimously by
SVLC at the congregational meeting on February 15, 2009.
They are central to the life and ministry of this place.

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church 10842 Fury Lane, La Mesa, CA 91941
(phone) 619.670.7656 (fax) 619.670.8580
E-Mail: svlc.lamesa@gmail.com